Photograph by Kayla Reefer
dana washington (b. 1985, Southern California) is a visual artist and writer
working in photography, text, and voice narration. She examines concepts
of blackness, cultural aesthetics, and personal history - as it relates to the 
historical past and present - through the queering of time, space, memory
and fiction. Much of her practice rooted in the human conditions, identity,
and notions of futurity.

washington has received a Bachelor of Arts in English from California State
University, Long Beach and is completing a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts
at the University of California, San Diego.

Select screenings, exhibitions, and publications: Black Radical Imagination
Showcase & Tour 2018, OUTFEST Fusion LGBT People of Color Film Festival,
BlackStar Film Festival, Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival, Art + Practice,
San Diego Art Institute, LA FilmForum, Gal-Dem Magazine and L.A. RECORD.