Original Film Duration: 4 mins 40 sec
Date: July 2017

Docufilm / Installation Duration: 6 mins 36 sec
Date: May 2018

Synopsis: UNDER BONE is a narrated experimental-drama featuring ethereal vignettes linked by
a woman’s devotion, grief and ancestral evocation, as she traverses stories beneath her rib cage.

Detailed Synopsis: As a sublte reminder to trust and rejoice, a figure walks a desolate path
despite its rocky terrain. In story two, a figure breaks out of their mother's cocoon whilst
conversing with their grandmother's spirit. Riddled with questions, two lovers try solidfying
the certainty of their partnership.

Unfolding in a mellow whirlwind, a woman is awakened by an alarm. She poses the question,
"Is it 10:16, again?" before slipping back into a dream. While in an elsewhere, she grieves
her grandfather and is led by a spirit guide...but is this spirit kin to her?

Director's Statement: UNDER BONE is an exploration of grief, matrilineality, and religious
legacy,  which is complicated by the presence of Black queer intimacy. As an homage to my
late grandfather, this film is concerned with ways of being: the notion of life and the absence
of life, coupled with the ability to love and be loved.

Writer, Director: dana washington
Director of Photography: Kayla Reefer

dana washington as the Lead
trenderlene marshé harris as the Lover
Brielle Northcutt as the Spirit Guide

Original Score, Sound Design: SANA

Narration: dana washington
Additional (Docufilm) Narration: Anita Queen
Additional Vocals: Arima Ederra

Poster Design: DeChazier Stokes-Johnson

2018 - BlackStar Film Festival (Philadelphia)
2018 - San Diego Underground Film Festival
2018 - Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival
2018 - Black Cinema House (Chicago)
2018 - Locust Projects presents Saint Cities (Miami)
2018 - Welcome Home: UNDER BONE (Los Angeles)
2018 - MOCA presents SCREEN: Black Radical Imagination
2018 - Black Radical Imagination 2018 Showcase (LA, Michigan, Montreal)
2018 - Outfest Fusion Film Festival: On the Queer Horizon (Los Angeles)
2018 - Toronto Short Film Festival

Video Installations:
2018 - San Diego Art Institute